As women grow older, it’s natural to age. But why sacrifice yourself to the hands of time if you don’t have to? Many women are taking advantage of anti-aging tips and tricks to look younger than ever and prevent time from ravaging their looks. Check out our anti aging tips for women and see how you can defy time!

5 Anti-Aging Tips for Women


Drink More Water

dsxcvbnmWater is the ultimate fountain of youth! Drinking more water helps you flush out the toxins from your system, having clearer skin that glows instead of looking dull, and keeps your body working in tip top shape. It’s the ultimate weapon against aging for women. Think about it: if you’re beautiful inside, it will transform to the outside! Our anti aging tips for women? Drink eight glasses a day.

Work Out five times a Week for at least 30 minutes

Working out is the purest form of energy for your body. When you eat, your body creates waste in its attempt to convert the food to energy. Not so with exercise, which produces the form of energy that your brain most craves. Also, you’ll look better, and you will feel better fairly quickly. Working out helps your blood flow, your energy levels, increases toning and muscle strength, cuts your risk for disease, and is the single best thing you can do for beautiful skin (besides sleeping on a silk pillowcase).

Eat more antioxidants

Antioxidants combat free radicals in the body. These free radicals age you quickly, but can be fought with the help of foods that are very high in natural antioxidants! Try plums, pomegranates, spinach, apples, oranges, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, seaweed, and more to get the most out of your food and fight time!

Eat Vitamins in liquid supplements

Eating vitamins could be the way to prevent aging as we know it. You’re not always going to get enough nutritional oomph from your diet, so supplement with liquid vitamins. Try Vitamins C and E in liquid form and stop being deficient– it only hurts your beauty. Your skin needs these ingredients to stay supple and firm and help with collagen production. Give your body what it wants and stay beautiful at the same time!

Get enough sleep

edfcv bnmEver notice that when you get enough sleep, you look well-rested? When you sleep poorly, your body tends to mirror the quality and length of your rest. Not enough sleep results in puffy eyes, blotchy skin, and general fatigue. Get your eight hours and get tested for a sleep study if you’re getting 8 or more hours but don’t feel rested.